Boys Trip to Hong Kong

Quick trip to Hong Kong with some mates underway.  We're just here four days, swooping in to get some custom suits made.  This place is NOTHING like I was expecting.  I expected something like Beijing or Shanghai, instead this is loads like NYC.  The masses of people, the retail options available, number of American stores around like 7-11 and Pizza Hut, English actually gets you pretty far, tons of white people everywhere, nice cars, great roads an infrastructure, interesting architecture, impressive public works and buildings.  

Didn't plan it this way but turns out this is one of the biggest party weekend in Hong Kong - some event called Rugby 7's.  Don't completely understand the cultural significance, but for some reason it's invaded by Australians and Europeans and many of them are dressed in elaborate costumes to partake in supporting their favorite rugby team?  Movie characters, super heroes, pirates, it's quite like Halloween in the states.  This isn't just a young mans game, the rugby fans are in their 40's and 50's and beyond as well.  It's like San Francisco's street festivals, roads are closed and streets packed with people.

Off to find Michelin star rated dumplings and traditional markets, hope to catch the light show on the city buildings tonight....