The Vatican

Such a short trip, did make it to Vatican City and to St. Peter's square and basilica, but did not make it to the Sistine Chapel.  But this is okay, I'm certain after a few days here I will be back to Italy some day, and to Rome most likely again also.  I love the Italian demeanor, food, fashion, and people.  Still, from the outside, St. Peter's square was fun to see and lit up at night very beautiful.  It's been in so many movies that I've seen it was a treat to actually walk around the square and have my five senses to explore the air, the sounds, see the Swiss Guard walking by, eat dinner at a table next to some clergy, and take a couple quick photos.  Back to California tomorrow, what a great weekend trip!

Scooter Mania - Rome

Did find a place to rent a scooter in Rome today.  A cute red 50cc Vespa (with matching helmet of course).  It is funny riding around on a bike with so little power, starts from traffic lights were like a nightmare AFM start - getting left in the dust by every single other scooter and motorcycle on the grid... er, at the light.  Ha, ha.  100% this thing was incapable of wheelie (evidence below).


Weekend In Italy

The downside of traveling for work all the time is, well, traveling for work all the time.  One of the big upsides though is having the miles and hotel points to be spontaneous and do spur of the moment things.  Taking a brief trip to Italy for the weekend, below are a couple quick pictures from this afternoon.  My camera is out on loan, so borrowed from a friend (thanks Tom!)  Tomorrow's project:  rent a scooter and go crazy in Rome!  Happy 4th of July!