AFM Round 4 - Thunderhill

Great weekend at Thunderhill Raceway Park for AFM round number four. I had to miss round three due to a wedding in Seattle - and the new job has kept me too busy to get to the track lately - and it showed in my performance. Did have my best laptimes at Thunderhill with one 2:06 in the clubman race, but I got seriously rocked in all three races. I was overly intimidated by my first time out in the Sunday big-boy races. I also had some mechanical FAIL getting the bike prepped the week prior, which always jostles confidence a little. I'm not sure I realized I was signing up to be a part-time bike mechanic when I started racing! Weather was epic, made some new track friends, had a friend come visit at the track and learned a ton... great weekend. Round five is back at Thunderhill and I hope to find a couple more seconds - should be pretty easy if I find the time to train properly and kick up the running. Here's a laptime analysis of me and the two guys who were holding up the back of the pack with me. Appearenly I'm good at race starts.

Life Hacking

Whether actually true or not I don't know - but in my own head I am clever, belligerent, defiant, and strategic (read: twerpy). And I like to get my way. Oh and also bull-headed... Heck, I get my way loads of the time by simply tiring out those opposing me. So I don't always listen to words like, "no" or "not now" or "we have a policy against [thing I am trying to do] for no announced reason." I think I should start sharing my trials and tribulations of being contemptible.

Look I didn't choose it... but, I have a criminal mind. I walk into a bank and immeidately oogle their cameras and ponder their locks and protection systems. It's impossible for me to read a list of rules or policies or requirements and NOT scheme to figure out where loopholes are. Controls and countermeasures, gates and fence jumping. Maybe I should have become an attorney. Instead I work in business development for computer security companies (believe me, I'm one of the biggest hacks in and industry which hacks).

Plenty of books and conference talks have been authored on life hacking - I hope to see/read some of them someday, maybe I'll have time after business school. In the meantime I fear the schizophrenic nature of this blog may get another "Face of Eve."