AFM Race Number One

So I don't intend to make this blog all about motorcycles, but alas that's what is occupying the overwhelming majority of my mental space lately so I guess I should just go with it. Over the last couple weeks I've been spending a great deal of effort toward getting my race bike assembled. This means changing out parts for ones that stand up better in an inevitable crash, getting the bike safety wired and compliant with the AFM rules, getting a fire extinguisher to park in my pit, getting extreme performance parts upgraded like tires (~$400 a set and they last like 100 laps at most) and lighter wheels, getting a new trailer to haul the bike to the track, gettting the necessary timer which communicates with the offical scoring system of the race organization, etc. This sport is so expensive! Anyone reading this want to sponsor me? Ha, ha. This weekend is the first race of the AFM season and my first competition race ever. My goal is to complete the race with person and bike all in one piece, I'm very unlikely to be actually competitive in my first outing. Many of the guys I'll be racing with have been doing this for years and certainly should beat me on experience alone! Race results get posted to