Buttonwillow - More Track Days

Another great weekend at the track, this time at Buttonwillow Raceway in between LA and San Francisco. Jason drove up from Orange County and we had a blast. Track days are like mixing 1 part camping with 2 parts Nascar hillbilly-ism with 1 part athleticism with 1 part club. The spirit at the track is one of achievement and exhilaration together with camaraderie. Everyone puts so much into their bikes and getting to the track and getting away from work and other obligations that there's also a great sense of both vacation and relaxation and also gratitude just for having the health and means and werewithall to get out and ride for a day. So much fun. Some guy I don't even know was following me for a while around the track with his video camera. If I get the video from him I'll post here later on.

No On Prop 8

I went in for a couple hours to make phone calls for the "No on Proposition 8" campaign. I don't have much background for what a political activism effort should look like, but as compared to other volunteering I've done I would say they were quite well organized. This is encouraging to me because I find the "yes" vote on California Proposition 8 a reasonably crazy civil liberties violation and I forget sometimes living in my *ahem* liberal city that much of even California is not like-minded. That this is even going to be a close decision at the polls on Tuesday is truely bewildering to me.