Sears Point aka Infineon Raceway

This track is so much fun. I think one of my favorite things in a track is elevation changes. There are some good sweeping turns on this track, not many high speed runs, and many slow technical turns. The track configuration we ran was non-standard (meaning they eliminated some of the turns that typically exist in professional AMA races) so benchmark lap times are irrelevant - but I was consistently at 1:55/lap. Which I think I could easily improve on next time I'm there by at least five seconds. Highlights of the day were trading corners with a friend Jeff, and getting a tow to learn the lines and corner entry from a local AFM guy Lance Williams who also rides Ducati - super nice guy. Still getting used to the transition from the R1 to the 848. Next stop: Buttonwillow this weekend where I'll have both bikes and meet Jason who's driving up from Orange County for the all weekend ride.


Tracking a Yamaha

Got out to the track on my R1 for the first time since throwing a rod at Laguna Seca last year. I've now been doing track days for 12 months, 10 track days in that time. 5 more in 2008 I have scheduled will put me well over my 2008 goal of getting in ten - I'll end up with 13. Each time I go I'm making lap time progress, I'm getting consistent with relaxed laps around 2:14 and had a few laps in the 2:09's - it's fun seeing the progress quantitatively. I think I can see so many easy mistakes I'm still making to correct that just cleaning up my riding will take a couple more seconds off. I don't have plans to visit Thunderhill again this year so we'll have to see how low we can go next year. If I can get into the 2:00 to 2:04 range I think it will be time to start racing AFM. Maybe in 2010 after business school is over?

Getting comfortable on the R1

Thunderhill turn 4

Following Brad on his RS250