I Hella Love Oakland

I have a friend who teaches elementary school, no kidding this is an actual note she confiscated from one of her students. Who is 10. I probably shouldn't post this but it's really too good not to share. Super-duper!


Thunderhill and the 848

Loaded up the bikes and drove three hours to Thunderhill this week. What a great day to be at the track. Great drive out there, great time at the track. We drove out the night before and met up with a group we ride with on the weekends. These guys are all pretty fast riders which is great to learn from. Amazing weather and was the first time at the track since December for both Brad and me. My R1 is still in the shop getting a new engine from the thown rod incident at Laguna Seca in December - so had the 848 out for it's debut at the track. It was really great to get acclimated to the bike - handling and breaking distances and how to lean on it. All and all couldn't have wished for a better day. More like this and I'm going to be trying to do this every few weeks! I'm nowhere near as fast as I can be - not even worth timing laps at this point. But I think a few more times at the track in April and I can really make progress on
my lines and form and passing and knowing when to shift and man what great fun this sport is.


Blog Neglect

My poor neglected blog has not seen a post in two months. I have so much to update you on: motorcycle adventures, the master cleanse, business school second quarter finals, travel plans...